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Group Benefits

Articles, tutorials, and updates covering the full range of group benefits available to employers in Canada including Life, Disability, Medical, and Dental

A description of the out-of-country coverage typically provided within a group health insurance plan, covering employees for limited travel either outside of their province of residence, or out of the country. Coverage typically includes protection for both personal and business travel for 60, 90, or 120 days up to a one million in coverage (lifetime) per covered individual.

Group Health Insurance – Out of Country

Vision benefits, coverage for eye exams, lenses, frames and contacts, typically account for between 5% and 7% of a group health insurance program. Vision benefits typically have a very high perceived value to employees, usually higher than the actual cost of providing vision benefits. More recently, group health insurance plans have expanded provisions to include coverage for laser eye surgery, which has become more common place as technology has advanced and pricing has decreased.

Group Health Insurance – Vision

A discussion of how a claim is defined by benefit category – Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, Critical Illness, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Health and Dental – who it applies to, and general commentary surrounding market prevalence

How A Claim is Defined

A tutorial highlighting the types of group life Insurance, rate determination, and insurance provisions applicable to each. Includes basic life, optional life, dependent life, paid-up life and retiree life.

Group Life Insurance

A tutorial covering long term disability benefits including provisions such as qualifying period, definition of disability, recurrent disability, offsets, maximums, subrogation, COLA, conversion and taxability.

Long Term Disability Insurance