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Group Benefits

Articles, tutorials, and updates covering the full range of group benefits available to employers in Canada including Life, Disability, Medical, and Dental

It’s that time of year to review all of the employee benefits you provide to employees and ensure that you are compliant with all taxable benefit provisions. Such employee benefits as company-paid life insurance and AD&D, in addition to Health and Dental coverage in Quebec and perquisites such as car allowances are all considered taxable benefits.

Time for Taxable Benefits

A discussion of each of the different types of Flexible Benefits programs including Add-On, Opt up/down, Modular, Core Plus Options, Flexible (Cafeteria), Health Care Spending Accounts. Adverse selection is defined and a number of options to help reduce or minimize the impact of Adverse Selection within a Flexible Benefits program are outlined.

Flexible Benefit Program Mechanics

Almost all group insurance health plans provide coverage for medical supplies and services to assist employees recovering/living with a disability due to illness or injury. These benefits provide coverage for the purchase, rental and repair for devices such as wheelchairs, crutches, elastic stockings and orthopedic shoes. These benefits are included under the provisions of a health care plan and are typically subject to any applicable deductible or coinsurance provisions.

Group Health Insurance – Medical Supplies and Services

Group health insurance plans cover most of the basic hospital and surgical expenses in Canada that any resident incurs during a period of hospital confinement, including accommodation at the ward level, the services of a doctor/surgeon, diagnostic procedures and drugs. Employer-sponsored hospital benefits plans cover only the additional cost of preferred accommodation such as semi-private or private, during hospital treatment in Canada

Group Health Insurance – Hospital