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Sun Life publishes new reasonable and customary charges by Province for all paramedical practitioners. Reasonable and customary charges are limits based on typical pricing charged for services by each of the paramedical practitioners within a specific specialty. Should a paramedical practitioner charge higher than these limits for the given services, the difference is paid by the plan member.

Sun Life Reasonable and Customary Charges for Paramedical Practitioners

It’s that time of year to review all of the employee benefits you provide to employees and ensure that you are compliant with all taxable benefit provisions. Such employee benefits as company-paid life insurance and AD&D, in addition to Health and Dental coverage in Quebec and perquisites such as car allowances are all considered taxable benefits.

Time for Taxable Benefits

A discussion of each of the different types of Flexible Benefits programs including Add-On, Opt up/down, Modular, Core Plus Options, Flexible (Cafeteria), Health Care Spending Accounts. Adverse selection is defined and a number of options to help reduce or minimize the impact of Adverse Selection within a Flexible Benefits program are outlined.

Flexible Benefit Program Mechanics