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Employment Standards

An outline of Canada’s Employment Standards legislation highlighting the key statutes and standards set both Federally and Provincially as they relate to Canadian employees.

Group Dental Insurance

A discussion of typical coverage, practices and the practical application of group dental insurance coverage included in Canadian employer group benefit plans.

What is the Life Insurance Conversion Option?

The Life Insurance conversion option provides an employee whose group insurance coverage is ceasing to convert their current Basic and Optional Life insurance amount to an individual insurance policy without the need to provide evidence of insurability. To exercise the conversion option, the employee must fill out and return the relevant forms to their group insurance […]

What is Group Insurance and Why Should You Provide it?

A discussion of Group Insurance, typical Group Insurance coverage in the Canadian marketplace, the advantages of providing a Group insurance plan and the conditions and elements needed to arrange a Group Insurance policy

What is a Benefits Consultant?

A benefits consultant is an important intermediary in the group insurance and employee benefits marketplace. If you want to get a better understanding of what a benefits consultant is, how they can help manage your employee benefits plan, the services they provide, and how to go about choosing one, then check out this article.

Underwriting: Fully Pooled

Fully pooled is a fully insured underwriting method typically used for smaller groups as well as those benefits that have a low incidence of claim but a high claim amount irrespective of size. Typical for out-of-country and accidental death and dismemberment benefits as well as Basic Life and Long Term Disability for smaller employer groups.