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How To Use This Site

"Practical and Timely Canadian Group Insurance and Employee Benefits advice!”

This website includes a wealth of information to help employers strategically manage their Canadian programs

You've likely come here searching for information relating to Group Insurance and Employee Benefits in Canada – You’ve come to the right place!

Group insurance and Employee Benefits in Canada are a complex and constantly changing area of Human Resources, of key interest to employers.

Employee Benefits are continuously evolving, whether its new products or services, or changes in legislation and product delivery; and Employee Benefits provide an opportunity for employers to attract, retain and engage the most important organizational asset: their employees - all on a tax-effective basis.

Group Insurance and Employee Benefits For Strategic Employers

This website touches on all aspects of Group Insurance and Employee Benefits providing articles, tutorials and news on:

  • Government-provided Group Benefits
  • Employer-sponsored Group Benefits
  • Underwriting
  • Plan Administration
  • Marketing, Sales and Distribution of Group Benefits
  • Legislative changes affecting Group Benefits

The Group Insurance and Employee Benefits issues this website will help you with include:

  • How to understand the provisions of your Group Insurance policy contract
  • Insurer administrative practices
  • Risk-sharing and funding of Group Benefit plans
  • How to understand your Group Benefits renewal
  • Prevalence and benchmarking surrounding the Group Benefits marketplace
  • Taxes associated with Group Insurance plans
  • How to monitor your claims experience and properly budget for changes
  • What to expect from the competitive insurer marketplace
  • How to mitigate plan risk through alternative arrangements
  • Key premium cost reduction strategies
  • Group Benefits plan design trends

Plus, where you can go to find additional help with your Canadian group insurance and employee benefits questions

Where to Begin?

We developed this website because there are limited resources and very little available information online on the issues that affect group insurance and employee benefits in Canada. This website contains volumes of material including informative articles, tutorials, reports and industry insights and resources to help you with every aspect of your group insurance and employee benefits program in Canada from a timely and practical perspective. Don't let that overwhelm you though because no matter where you begin, it will only take a few clicks to find something of value to you. And the best part is it’s FREE!

  1. A great place to begin is to browse the free articles touching all areas of Canadian employee benefits. Be sure to check government provided employee benefits in Canada as a starting point. You may note that Canada provides a wealth of social and welfare programs to its citizens and we've outlined details of each in our informative articles and links to specific government resources. Our articles also outline and detail specific employer-provided group benefits and the underwriting, sales, delivery and administration of those benefits in the Canadian marketplace.


  1. Insurance Insights - There are many Canadian insurers that provide group insurance and employee benefits coverage in the Canadian marketplace. We gather and outline each of the insurers' communication to plan sponsors regarding legislative changes, product updates and enhancements and changes in the delivery of employee benefits.


  1. Consultant's Corner - Key market participants in the innovation and delivery of employee benefits coverage are advisors. Big consulting firms to small brokers, much of the research and innovations are driven by these firms while advising plan sponsors and coordinating with insurance companies. This part of the website highlights research, insights and advice from the group insurance and employee benefits advisor community.


  1. Most Popular Articles - These are the articles most viewed by visitors to our website and are listed prominently in the sidebar on the homepage. We update these regularly to reflect content interest.


  1. Resources - Located in the top menu bar, this is the most comprehensive list of online resources to help you retrieve additional information related to the management, administration, and integration of government and group insurance and employee benefit plans in Canada.